'The Originals' Teaser Trailer: Klaus Wants To Be King

The OriginalsDuring last night's episode of "The Vampire Diaries," fans got a juicy little set-up for next week’s backdoor pilot for "The Originals" spin-off. Eternal bad girl Katherine offers up to eternal bay boy Klaus that he needs to head to New Orleans to hunt down a witch with a vendetta against him. (But, like really, who doesn’t have a vendetta against him?)

Well, with less than a week until Klaus heads to the Big Easy and takes "TVD" fans along for the ride, a little teaser trailer has hit the streets. In it, Klaus travels to his former stomping grounds to meet up with some old friends, including his former minion/crony/the vamp he sired Marcel, who now rules the underworld.

Klaus, being the evil control freak that he is, seems pretty unhappy that the student is now the teacher. And so he declares, "I want what he has." (Power, family—the usual suspects). The teaser also features appearances from the featured players in the game, including siblings Elijah and Rebekah, as well as werewolf Hayley. BTW, those shots of Elijah and Klaus sauntering their bad selves through New Orleans are giving off a strong, “We’re the new Salvatore Brothers” vibe, and we’re not complaining.

“I want to be king” is Klaus’ final declaration in the preview, setting up the potential premise for the series. Once it airs, The CW will make the decision of whether or not to crown him with his own series. We're intrigued by the possibility of Klaus’ reign on the small screen.

Watch the trailer at "The Vampire Diaries" official Facebook page.

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