'Vampire Diaries' Recap: 'Pictures Of You'

Vampire Diariesby Cassie Title

It may seem at first thought, that Elena almost killing April, or Elena almost killing Bonnie, or Bonnie almost killing Elena (are you sensing a pattern here?) were the craziest events to have taken place at the Mystic Falls High School prom. But I have some other ideas. What I’m finding to be the craziest things are:

-April’s oh-so-important position of tallying the votes for prom king and queen, or better yet, April’s appearance at all.

-Bonnie being voted prom queen. Apologies, guys, but Bonnie hasn’t been cool since the pilot episode, when she was silly and loyal and, well, fun. Ever since, she’s been angsty, but not in a cool, Damon way, and irritating, and, well, to put it in the words of humanity-less Elena: a brainwashed crazy person. When she’s even in an episode, which is admittedly rare, she has such hate in her voice and her eyes that I’m convinced she’s secretly evil. I get the girl’s got a lot going on (her Grams died, she continues to fall for evil guys trying to use her, she’s got tons of dark magic that she can’t control), but there’s no way that anybody would vote for such a gloomy, annoying gal.

-The fact that the prom was at some gorgeous, fancy estate. I was thinking they’d add another school-sanctioned chaperone-less party in the woods or at Tyler’s house.

All in all, though, it was a pretty rad dance. And episode. Here’s why:

Jeremy came back! Well, not exactly. Our favorite brainwashed crazy person/prom queen hallucinated our boy back into existence. She dreamt he was at his grave, then she woke up surrounded by fire. She started talking to him outside at prom, and then realized he was Silas. This was a good catch on her part. I’m glad it happened. What I’m not glad about? The show acting like Jeremy was Bonnie’s one true love, when he broke up with her FOR A DEAD GIRL HE NEVER EVEN LIKED AS MUCH AS HE SHOULD’VE, and then she was dating her pseudo step-brother, and he just disappeared one day a few months ago and we’re supposed to pretend there was resolution. Yeah.

Elena stole Caroline’s prom dress. This was funny. I mean it. It was a really breathtaking dress, too, way more Hollywood red carpet than high school prom, but she looked scary beautiful. Actually, Elena’s so much prettier now that she’s humanity-less, because she lets her hair go all wavy. Well done, stylists! Anyway, Caroline was forced to find another dress. So, naturally, she went to a place where she knew she could get couture in 10 seconds flat—Klaus’ house. I’m really glad they acknowledged how crazy it was that Klaus had that gown lying around when Esther had that ball! Caroline was really funny about it! Hooray for a show poking fun at its suspension of reality!

Tyler returned! I was almost shocked, and so was Miss Forbes. Despite the fact they’ve been far apart and haven’t talked at all, they still have that high-school true love thing going on, because Tyler showed up at the ockwood mansion Matt’s house while everyone else was still promenading, so he must’ve telepathically known that Caroline left early. And she left early ‘cause she couldn’t bear this night without him! And with Elena stealing her dress. And other important things. So they danced and stared into each other’s eyes and had some magical moments. And then he left, and Klaus was on the steps. And he gave Tyler five seconds to run away, and Ty was gone on three.

Stefan and Damon were trying to get Elena to turn her humanity back on. It was kind of fun to watch, except when Elena told Damon that she only said she loved him because she was sired to him. Man, oh man, is this an annoying point for me. It’s clear that that’s the vein the showrunners are going to go in—that she’s going to end up back with Stefan somehow. But I think that goes against all logic of siring and stuff. Either way, I’m not going to stress about it for the millionth time. They weren’t really getting anywhere, so eventually, they injected her with vervain. It was easy, because it was shortly after Bonnie almost killed her. Which was pretty much right after Elena tried to eat Bonnie. Anyway, Elena’s now trapped in what I believe is the Salvatore dungeon. But right before she went under, she was exhibiting a pesky human emotion: fear. What’s interesting is that although I find this to be true, a second after her life was saved, Elena immediately washed her face back to humanity-less, almost as if she was trying to fool them into thinking she was afraid.

Rebekah is still trying to be a human. Mr. Prom King, Matt Donovan, was a royal douche to her, before she saved April’s life. Apparently, Elijah was instilled with the power to decide who should get the cure: Klaus, so he could give it to Silas and stop being tortured, or Rebekah, so she could finally live a human life. Rebekah had to live a day as a human as proof that this wasn’t one of her “whims," which is funny, because I don’t ever remember Rebekah as having “whims” before, but whatever. She did a good human thing by saving April’s life, but Silas, that tricky beast, disguised himself as her to get the cure from Elijah. And now my mind’s blown because Elijah got fooled. Again! I just think of him as someone who can’t be fooled, but homeboy’s ALWAYS getting fooled.

Silas was getting real busy with our gang. He appeared as Damon to Stefan, and Stefan to Damon, and Jeremy to Bonnie, and Rebekah to Elijah, and goodness knows what else. But at the very end, he showed his face to Bonnie. Except, we couldn’t really see it. I think it was beastly and ugly because Qetsiyah wanted to make sure no one could ever love him. Man, what a witch.

Oh, and that backdoor pilot’s happening next week! Honestly, it was a pretty poor tie-in, with Klaus reading a letter from Katherine about a witch in New Orleans he needs to see. Apparently, what she has on him will make him want to go after her and not think twice of continuing to chase Katherine. And in all honesty, can his Katherine chase be over? It doesn’t make sense at all! I really don’t see why or that he’s capable of hurting Katherine anymore. It’s been 500 years, dude. #overit

But who’s excited for an Originals-filled trip to NOLA? I am, except that his protégé Marcel is calling him Niklaus Mikaelson. And we all know that Mikaelson only became his surname last year. Inconsistency, brother.

What did you think of the prom? Did you dislike the usage of Rihanna’s "Stay"? Were you surprised to see Tyler? Did you almost think it was Silas? Excited for next week’s backdoor pilot? And to see Katherine next week? Do you hope that when Elena gets her humanity back, she keeps some of this cool-girl edge? Do you think she’ll start really feeling again soon? What does Silas really look like? Is everyone still in danger from him? Now that he has the cure, won’t he just drink it already and be gone? Let me know! Comment it out, or tweet about.

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