Nick Jonas Is Single And Doesn't Care Who Knows It

Fact: The only thing more fun than old footage of celebrities being ridiculous is dragging out said footage to embarrass them in front of a live studio audience. Which is why, when Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas stopped by MTV to do a Q&A livestream yesterday, we had to dig up a 2006 interview in which the brethren declared themselves "down-to-earth guys," boasted about Kevin's python-like biceps and bemoaned their inability to have girlfriends thanks to the hectic lifestyle of a touring band.

Obviously, things have changed a bit (not least because Kevin and his guns are now happily married to a lady)! But for Nick, at least, embracing the single life has come easier with age. And if you want the scoop on his romantic endeavors, he'll happily confess that...uh, there's not much to confess.

"I'm single, and have been for a while," he admitted, prompting excited ooohing and ahhhing from the ladies in the audience. (Of course, he also says he's "happy to be single," but let's not rain on anyone's parade.) And while six-years-ago Nick declared staunchly that there was no time whatsoever in the band's busy schedule for girlfriends, he now says that he's putting himself out there in a manner befitting a busy twenty-something with a lot on his plate. .

"I've been on some dates in the past year," he said, adding that he thought it was great to keep things casual. "You're able to get to know people but not necessarily be in a relationship."

Hmm. Interesting! Also interesting: Throughout this entire exchange, Joe said nothing. Suspicious!

Are you thrilled to hear that Nick is on the market, or still bemoaning the loss of Kevin from the dating pool?