Kristen Stewart Is Out Of 'Focus,' But You Can Still Catch Her In These Upcoming Flicks

Kristen StewartThat Kristen Stewart is a wily one: Every time we turn around, she's either climbing aboard or jumping ship on one movie or another! Just today, we've got a report that she's said goodbye to her role in the heist flick "Focus"—the second film she's bowed out of in a year. (She also gave up her part in the action movie "Cali," which vanished from the Hollywood radar after her departure.)

For fans of the actress, it's getting the teensiest bit difficult to keep tabs of where and when we'll next see her on the big screen...which is why we, who are experts at tracking Kristen in her natural habitat, have put together this little list of her upcoming projects.

1. "K-11"

The actress makes a wee cameo in this film, directed by her mom, Jules Stewart. The movie already had a limited theatrical run in New York and LA, but it hits DVD April 23—making it your first, best option if you're desperate for a KStew fix.

2. "The Big Shoe"

Kristen will play Delphi, the flighty muse to a shoe designer in a new comedy from "Secretary" director Steven Shainberg. The film is still in its early stages, but with a relationship-driven plotline (and no need for computer-generated action sequences added in post-production), we might be seeing this one in theaters by early next year.

Jim Sturgess talks about falling in love with Kristen Stewart's feet in "The Big Shoe"!

3. "Snow White and the Huntsman"... the sequel!

As reported yesterday, Kristen is officially on board for the follow-up film to last summer's blockbuster "Snow White and the Huntsman"." The only downside? We'll have to wait until 2015 to see it.

WILDCARD: "Lie Down In Darkness"

There's no guarantee that this one will get made, or that Kristen will still be available if and when it is, but she's long been linked with the lead role in this indie adaptation of William Styron's mid-century novel.

Which of Kristen's upcoming projects are you most psyched to see? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!