The Hemsworths, Skarsgards And Francos: Hollywood's Hottest Brothers

In case you haven’t noticed, we here at Hollywood Crush really, really appreciate good-looking guys. So, you can imagine that we get pretty stoked when they happen to come in DNA-sharing sets. And, as it turns out, Hollywood has plenty of brothers to keep us swooning for days. So, we rounded up the current crop of hottie siblings that you might just describe as Baldwins.

The Hemsworths

Liam and Chris are two of the most strapping guys in La La Land. They look like Disney princes brought to life, which definitely explains Liam’s career trajectory. (By the way, did we mention that they are Aussie-surfer hot to the next level?) And, just when we thought we couldn’t get enough of the “Hunger Games” hottie and his hammer-wielding brother, there’s a third one named Luke. Any more lurking around, guys?

The Jonas Brothers

Long before Harry Styles was rocking a curly mop on his head, the JoBros sang their way into our hearts. And these days they are more than just the three hotties from the “Camp Rock” movies. Having conquered the small screen and the charts, the trio is now prepping their musical comeback. We have our “Pom Poms” ready to cheer them on.

The Francos

James and Dave are pretty adorable. Remember all those Funny or Die clips they used to make together? And while James is sort of the high-art Franco brother, Dave has that boyish charm that keeps us tuning into everything he does. Let’s just say this: If James ever did an art installation on Dave, we’d snatch up those tickets pretty fast.

The Skarsgårds

Those eyes. That Swedishness. Tthat cool Skarsgård swagger. Alexander and now Skarsgård the Younger, Bill, remind us that two is always better than one. And with Bill getting in on the supernatural fun on his own creepy, sexy series (“Hemlock Grove” is his answer to “True Blood”), we imagine we will be seeing a lot (in a birthday suit kind of way) of these guys.

The Afflecks

The Afflecks are quickly becoming gold standard of hot Hollywood brothers. They say men get better with age, and these two certainly are not the exception to that rule. Hey, other hot famous brothers, are you taking notes from the Afflecks?

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