Read An EXCLUSIVE Excerpt From 'Jane Austen Goes To Hollywood'

Jane Austen Goes to HollywoodBy now, the story of Jane Austen's classic novel "Pride and Prejudice" has been told, and re-told so often that one need only say the words "Mr. Darcy" in an English accent to cause uncontrollable swooning on the part of every girl in a five-mile radius. And honestly, we are fatigued. We need a little R&R from all this P&P! Which is why it's so extremely exciting that we've got our grubby little romance-loving mitts on an entirely new re-imagining of a classic Austen tale: an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at the first three chapters of Abby McDonald's new YA novel, "Jane Austen Goes to Hollywood"!

And the Bennett family had better scoot out of the way, because the focus now is on a whole 'nother pair of sisters who are looking for love in all the wrong places. "Jane Austen Goes to Hollywood" is a contemporary retelling of another, equally amazing classic tale by the Edwardian authoress, and just as romantic as ever. (If you need a hint: the drawing room drama has been updated with some modern-day sense and west-coast sensibility, ahem, AHEM.)

In it, the lovely young Weston sisters must pack up their lives and move cross-country to the strange new world of Beverly Hills—where drama-queen Hallie throws herself into a head-over-heels love affair with a dashing and debonaire musician, while the more reticent Grace pines for the crush she left behind.

Interested? Yeah you are. And with one week left until the book hits shelves, this is your perfect opportunity to get a head start on a great read: just click onward to enjoy the story's titillating beginning, exclusively on Hollywood Crush.

"Jane Austen Goes to Hollywood" releases April 23.

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