Ashley Tisdale Explored 'A Different Type Of Comedy' In 'Scary Movie 5'

Ashley Tisdale is no stranger to making us LOL. Look at her work in any of the "High School Musical" flicks for some prime examples of her comedic abilities. But, the singer/actress admitted to us at the premiere of "Scary Movie 5" in L.A. last week that this flick reveals a very different funny side of The Tis.

"I've always been big fan of the movies, and it's such a different type of comedy than I'm used to, so I was super excited just to be a part of it," she explained.

Ashley was joined by a number of surprising folks in the film, including Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen, as well as Mike Tyson and Jerry O’Connell who—wait for it—spoof “Fifty Shades Of Grey.” (We think you can figure out who is taking on the Christian Grey role. We hope.)

And she admitted that every time she showed up to set, she learned of another surprising casting. "It was pretty insane," Ashley recalled. "I'd always find out maybe the day of [that someone was going to be in the movie]. I'd be in hair and makeup, and they'd be like 'Mike Tyson is here.' and I'm like 'Mike Tyson's in this movie?' So I was always like 'Whoa, didn't see that one coming.'"

Hey, girl, neither did we.

“Scary Movie 5” is in theaters now.

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