'Divergent' Fills Out The Prior Family Tree With Tony Goldwyn

Tony GoldwynWith the Dauntless train rolling out of the station and production underway on the "Divergent" movie as of last week, there was still one very important question the filmmakers had yet to answer—and that question, of course, was Who's your daddy?!

Because despite the film already having begun shooting in Chicago, one important character had yet to be cast: Andrew Prior, the stoic and selfless father of heroine Tris, whose quiet strength makes him such an asset to the Abnegation faction (and such a cipher to his hot-blooded, action-craving daughter). But now, the Prior family tree is fully fleshed out! According to Entertainment Weekly, actor Tony Goldwyn is officially on board to play the role (and earlier rumors about Aaron Eckhart having been cast were, apparently, all a bunch of hooey).

"Divergent," based on the YA novel by Veronica Roth, takes place in the dystopian ruins of America's second city, in a society whose members have split into five factions after the near-decimation of the human race. Each faction is guided by a single core value, which followers believe will save them from future destruction: the Abnegation practice self-denial, the Candor seek truth, the Erudite pursue knowledge, the Amity value peace, and the Dauntless believe in courage above all else. Tris, raised in Abnegation by parents who are the poster children for selflessness, learns at age 16 that she's different—divergent—in a way that government officials believe to be dangerous.

Tony is probably best known for his role as the President on ABC's "Scandal," but he also gave an amazing performance as a parent pushed to extremes in the recent movie remake of "Last House on the Left," so we can't wait to see how he handles the challenge of bringing Andrew Prior to life on screen.

"Divergent" hits theaters next March.

Are you excited to see "Divergent" get its main dad?