'Catching Fire' Trailer: Experts React

If you're among the "The Hunger Games" fans who tuned in to the 2013 MTV Movie Awards and witnessed the debut of the teaser for "Catching Fire," your reaction to seeing the first ever peek at what's in store for Katniss, Peeta and the citizens of Panem come November was probably something like AAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHH *HYPERVENTILATES* *RUNS IN CIRCLES* *FLAILS OFF A CLIFF*.

...And that's okay! Because while the rest of us flailed and squealed our way into a concussion, a full-body cast and a lovely night spent behind bars at our local police precinct, MTV had a trio of experts (Erin Gross, The HungerGamesMovies.net; Kimmy West, Mockingjay.net; and Amie Bohannon, HGGirlOnFire.com) ready behind the scenes to offer the sort of eloquent, insightful, sedately non-flailing response to the "Catching Fire" tease that most of us could only have achieved through the use of a full-body straitjacket and a nice shot of horse tranquilizers. Check out the video to see our three cool-as-a-cucumber aficionados as they weigh in on their favorite things about the trailer—including Katniss' brave face as she stared down the barrel of a gun, a grim and grownup Prim preparing to join the revolution and the fact that we didn't see so much as a second of arena action. (No, really, this is a good thing! The experts say so!)

"Catching Fire" hits theaters November 22.

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