'Infernal Devices' Film Gets A Scriptrix

Clockwork AngelWith everything from "Divergent" to "The Fault in Our Stars" to "The Hunger Games" franchise on Hollywood's to-do list, there's no shortage of YA book-to-movie adaptations for audiences to get super psyched about— but you'd better make room on your radar, 'cause things are starting to roll on yet another much-loved novel that's bound for the big screen. We already knew that an option was on the table for the first in Cassandra Clare's "Infernal Devices" series, but the latest news is this: per The Hollywood Reporter, the film has officially got its screenwriter on board!

"Infernal Devices" is the literary prequel to "Mortal Instruments," a series set in Victorian England that explores the world of the driven, demon-slaying Shadowhunters and the supernaturally gifted Downworlders with whom they have an uneasy relationship. Stephanie Sanditz, who also penned the script for an in-development movie adaptation of one of Meg Cabot's books, will helm the writing process.

What this means for fans: Even if the movie adaptation of "Mortal Instruments: City of Bones" never sees a sequel (...are words we can barely write without sobbing), there will likely be at least one more movie featuring hottie Shadowhunters and age-old conflicts playing out against a backdrop of awesome urban grit to get excited for. Plus, corsets! Wheeee!

Are you excited to see more of Cassandra Clare's fantabulous fiction on its way to Hollywood?