Style Superstar: Ashley Tisdale Makes The Cut

It's been a long time coming, ladies and gents, but Miss Ashley Tisdale has finally found herself on the right side of our Style Superstar feature! ...And by "right," we actually mean "left," since that's where we put our pictured pick for most favoritest red carpet outfit each week. Whatever. Semantics. The point is, Ashley sported this Maria Lucia Hohan gown at the Los Angeles premiere of "Scary Movie 5"—and we could just scream, it looks so good.

This grownup, gothic glamour is just the thing for an actress who's struggled to inject a little maturity into her wardrobe. Oftentimes, Ashley walks the red carpet in looks that would be more appropriate for a teenage girl; this time, she went big with a sleek silhouette, a sparkly fabric and lots of alluring cutout details that showed off her flawless figure and made her look every inch the grownup lady she is. Own it, Ashley! (Sure, the vibe of the thing is a little "Elvira"—but where else would you wear such a thing if not to the L.A. premiere of a spoof horror flick?) The only thing that stinks about this dress is how nobody managed to catch it from a better angle; we would have loved to see it in motion.

Also in L.A., actress Julianne Hough took this very loud dress for a high-volume spin at a British Fashion Council event. But while she looks gorgeous as always from the neck up, her high-contrast frock is a weird, unflattering miss. With so much going on—from the busy print to the colorblock trompe l'oeil blazer that wraps around it—the dress is wearing her...although in fairness, we would've probably hated it on anyone. (Even the model who wore this look on the runway couldn't quite make it work.)

You can catch more of Ashley during tonight's Rated MTV. Be sure to tune in!

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