Connie Britton Cast As Adam Driver's Movie Love Interest: Coach Taylor Responds

Connie Britton Adam DriverWhen it comes to dating outside of her demo, "Nashville" star Connie Britton doesn't play coy.

"Let's put it this way: The older you get, the easier it is to date younger men," the actress joked in a New York Times Magazine profile earlier this year. And it looks like that motto will serve Connie well on the big screen too.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the 46-year-old actress has been cast as the older love interest to 29-year-old Adam Driver in the film "This Is Where I Leave You." (And, yes, that's "Girls" actor Adam Driver.) The movie, based on a 2009 novel by Jonathan Tropper, follows four siblings who reunite at their childhood home following their father's death. Adam is one of those siblings, and brings along with him his age-inappropriate girlfriend played by Connie.

After a riveting second season for the actor on his HBO series, we're eager to see what kind of chemistry he can cook up with another (formidable) actress. Yet, we also can't help but wonder how one of Connie's previous on-screen loves, "Friday Night Lights" husband Coach Eric Taylor, would feel about this May-December romance. Turns out, not well.

At first, he didn't want to believe the news.

And then he started to think about it real hard.

Concluding it's just like that time Julie dated the Swede. (Except not really at all.)

Finally, he just had to walk off the field.

But there's always hope for his one-time wife.

If all else fails, give us a call, Coach!

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