Ashley Tisdale Plays Scary Movie Edition Of 'F--k, Marry, Kill'

The time has come again for a special MTV Movie Awards After Hours. This time the lucky victim visitor is "Scary Movie 5" leading lady Ashley Tisdale, who was subjected to the classic game "F--k, Marry, Kill."

Since Ashley is starring in "Scary Movie 5," it only makes sense that she participate in the scary movie version of the game. That means she needed to choose between horror film villains like Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees and an unnamed zombie, and sexy vampires like Edward Cullen, Dracula and Count Chocula. You might be surprised by who she chose.

"I'd f--k Freddy Krueger because he has a mask on," Ashley said, barely able to speak through her laughter. When it was mentioned that Freddy actually doesn't have a mask, she amended, "Oh, Jason, then that's who I [want]. And marry the other one." If you couldn't deduce from her answers, Ashley would kill the zombie.

As for the vampires, Ashley answered pretty immediately that she would have sex with Count Chocula—and why wouldn't she? He's so sweet! But don't be worried, Robert Pattinson fans, because Ashley plans to marry Edward Cullen and then kill Dracula. Sorry, Gary Oldman.

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