'Girls' Casts 'Dr. Who' Actor For Season 3 Premiere

Richard E. GrantWith us still mourning the loss of Christopher Abbott (a.k.a. the adorable, somewhat emo Charlie) after learning he left "Girls" this week, there’s some new casting scoop making its way out into the world.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, "Dr. Who" actor Richard E. Grant (who was more importantly in "Spice World"...as well as other stuff like "The Iron Lady"), has joined the show. He will play a bloke named Jasper in the season premiere. Other than that, we know nothing else about what his role will be in shaping the lives of Hannah (Lena Dunham) and her wayward pals.

Given his age (he’s 55); we’re kind of hoping he plays a potential publisher interested in Hannah’s work. Or, like, a gallery owner wanting to employ Marnie. Or a professor of Shoshanna's. But who knows? Free-spirited Jessa has been absent for a minute. Perhaps he has the potential to add some older man spice world to her life.

On Thursday, the same day news broke of Charlie’s unexpected exit from the series, show creator Lena took to Twitter to let her fans know she’s got everything under control. She wrote, "Don't worry guys, we got this on lock #girls."

Are you familiar with Richard E. Grant? What sort of character do you think he'll play in the premiere? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!