'Glee' Snags Another Big-Name Mom

Katey SagalWith stars like Gloria Estefan, Idina Menzel, Jeff Goldblum and Carol Burnett all on board the cast of "Glee," it's no surprise to see that yet another high-profile actress has fallen into the show's parent trap.

The Hollywood Reporter has the news (via creator Ryan Murphy's Twitter) that Katey Sagal, best known for her roles on "Sons of Anarchy" and "Married... With Children" has signed on to play the role of Artie's mom in season four. (Bonus: Kevin McHale, who plays Artie, was the first one to float the actress' name as his ideal on-screen mother. Congrats, Kevin, on winning the mom of your dreams!)

Katey is the latest member of an ever-growing gang of A-list Hollywood and/or Broadway peeps to play the parents of McKinley High students. And, according to the report, show co-creator Ian Brennan might have already leaked a hint or two into her character's quirks; at last year's Comic-Con panel, he said, "I want her to be a hoarder!" So, there's that. But hey, new important question: Do we think she'll be a piles-of-paper-everywhere hoarder, or a has-a-million-cats hoarder? DISCUSS.

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