Logan Lerman Intimidates With 'Logan's Slogans'

You'd better watch your behinds, cinema fans. Because the 2013 MTV Movie Awards are less than two weeks away, and as Percy Jackson would say...

Hey, wait a minute. Percy Jackson doesn't have a catchphrase?! Well, that's not okay! Thank everything for MTV's Josh Horowitz and this week's After Hours feature "Logan's Slogans," in which we got the son of Poseidon himself, Logan Lerman, to visit our studios and try a few quips, witticisms, and outright threats on for size. With our help, Percy Jackson will soon be a thoroughly quotable bad-ass in the proud tradition of the Terminator or John McClane!

...Or not. As you can see, Logan isn't quite taking the journey with us when it comes to delivering his lines—and not only that, he doesn't even necessarily feel that the tough-guy thing is right for the demigodly Mr. Jackson. (Case in point: Logan turning to Josh with flashcard in hand and protesting, "Why would I say that? That's mean!") But hey, it's something to work on, right? Add in a few lessons in Wolverine Voice and we think this could really work. ...Okay, except for the one where he refers to his biceps as "The Lightning Thief" and "The Sea of Monsters," that one actually is kind of silly.

Check out more of our chat with Logan during Rated MTV on Friday!

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