'Catching Fire' Trailer: 5 Things We Want To See

In just 10 days, the teaser trailer for "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" will make its debut at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards—which means that fans everywhere will be spending the next nine days in a state of ravenous anticipation and hot debate over what we might see in this first-ever glimpse at the series sequel. Will the action of the Quarter Quell get some screen time? Will President Snow bleed from the gums? Will the flaming Mockingjay logo from the first movie catch fire a second time? Mysteries! And they won't be solved until April 14, when Liam Hemsworth introduces the teaser on our Movie Awards stage.

While we wait, here's our wishlist of "Catching Fire" moments we're most hoping to catch a glimpse of.

5. Sweeping dystopian vistas

"Catching Fire" director Francis Lawrence is known for transforming an average setting into serious eye candy, which means that we're dying to see how the Districts, the Capitol and the rest of Panem have evolved to suit his style.

4. Fiery fashion

Anyone who's read the books knows that one of the most-anticipated costumes in "Catching Fire" is Katniss Everdeen's wedding dress, which undergoes a flaming transformation at a pivotal moment.

3. Finnick freakin' Odair

After the months-long agony of false reports, unsubstantiated rumors and various other fakeouts surrounding the "Hunger Games" sequel's most eligible bachelor, it's time for "Catching Fire" to stop toying with us and provide a nice, juicy look at Sam Claflin as Finnick (beyond that Capitol portrait...). Preferably naked Finnick.

2. A peek at the arena

Without spoiling anything, let's just say that no trailer would be complete without a glimpse of the unique, deadly, dastardly Quarter Quell jungle arena.

And finally, the number one thing we're dying to see during the "Catching Fire" teaser debut...

1. Seneca Crane's beard.

On Philip Seymour Hoffman. THIS MUST HAPPEN.

Will Jennifer Lawrence get her silver lining in the form of a Golden Popcorn? Which beefcake will sizzle in our brand-new Best Shirtless Performance category? It's up to you to decide the winners of the 2013 MTV Movie Awards! Vote now, and tune in Sunday, April 14 at 9 p.m. ET, as star Rebel Wilson takes the stage at the Sony Pictures Studios lot in Culver City, California.

What are you hoping to see showcased during the "Catching Fire" teaser?