What Will Cory Monteith's Rehab Absence Mean For 'Glee' Season Finale?

Cory MonteithIt's not unusual for various members of a cast to depart for greener pastures at season's end—they've gotta graduate high school sometime, right?—but today brought the surprise news that one of McKinley High's alumni is transferring to a different sort of facility: Deadline reports that Cory Monteith has left the show and checked himself into rehab, leaving "Glee" Finn Hudson-less for the last two episodes of season four.

This isn't the first time that Cory has had to get clean; the actor has always been unflinchingly straightforward about his troubled past with illicit substances, and we wish him a speedy recovery. But in the meantime, it does put a bit of a wrench in the machinery of the show's plot—or at least puts us off our hopes of seeing, say, a Finn-Rachel engagement episode before "Glee" shuts down again for the summer.

And according to a statement from the producers, filming will continue as planned with a perfectly feasible explanation for Finn's sudden absence...although the details of said explanation are anyone's guess. (We're thinking either alien abduction or a death in the family.) But will "Glee" be able to finish strong without one of its main men on board? Could Cory possibly Skype in a season-finale performance? Or will the producers negotiate his departure so seamlessly that we don't even notice he's gone? Discuss!

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