Peep An EXCLUSIVE Clip From The Making Of The 'Iron King' Manga!

Have you ever wanted to see how your faerie sausage gets made? ...Wait, that came out wrong. (Really wrong. OH GOD, FAERIE SAUSAGE. Who would eat such a thing?!) Anyway! Starting over! Would you, by any chance, like to see a fancy time-lapse depiction of a character from the upcoming manga adaptation of Julie Kagawa's "The Iron King"? If so, then we've got an amazing treat for you: the EXCLUSIVE debut of an image and video that shows the step-by-step creation of one of the series famous Fey!

Everybody, meet Ash: He's got pointy ears, a knowing smirk and a very complicated haircut that probably cost a lot of money in a Japanese salon. And he's just one of the citizens of the Iron Realm whose adventures are depicted in gorgeous detail in the "Iron King" graphic novel from Bluewater Productions. There will be four books in all, and fans can get in on the creation of the comics by contributing to the fundraising campaign at IndieGogo, where handmade sculptures and cameo roles in the books themselves are up for grabs for contributors.

And if you need another push, here's what Julie Kagawa has to say about seeing her books get the graphic treatment:

"My fans know that I am a huge manga and anime enthusiast, and I write in a very cinematic and visual manner in part due to my love of this medium. With Bluewater, I get to participate actively in the creation of these works of art. That’s as exciting to me as creating my books in the first place."

Are you excited to see "The Iron King" as a graphic novel?