Saoirse Ronan Shares The Intriguing Concept Behind 'The Host'

As an Oscar-nominated actress and one of Hollywood's hottest young prospects, Saoirse Ronan can pretty much take her pick of serious cinematic roles...which, if you think about it, might make her starring spot in an alien invasion action-romance seem like a bit of an odd choice? But no! It makes perfect sense! Because when Saoirse sat down with MTV News to talk about her latest project, she was quick to point out that there's more to "The Host" than sci-fi scares and action-packed chase scenes.

"The fact that I would be playing two characters was a big draw for me," she said. "I really liked the concept."

No doubt, the challenge of acting two parts at once—especially when those two parts are fighting each other for dominance inside the same body—was a great way for Saoirse to push her limits. And not only that, she feels that there's deeper meaning to be read into the themes of "The Host."

"I really liked this story, and what Stephenie had really written about here," she explained. "It's very much about planet Earth and the changes that our world is going through in this film, and whether it's right, and whether it's the best thing for all of us."

And if you've been waiting anxiously to parse "The Host" for meaning yourself, today's the day: The movie is out in theaters as we speak.

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