Which Celebrity 'Host' Would Saoirse Ronan, Stephenie Meyer Inhabit?

In "The Host," actress Saoirse Ronan plays dual roles as Melanie and Wanda—the former, a young woman on the run from the extra-terrestrials who've taken over the planet, and the latter, the alien who is ultimately implanted inside Melanie. But if this sci-fi alternate future somehow became reality, whose body would the 18-year-old want to inhabit? Why, she'd want to run the world as Beyoncé.

"Beyoncé's got a great body. She's gorgeous. She's a great dancer and, most importantly, she's married to Jay-Z," the actress enthused.

And, coincidentally enough, when we posed the same question to "The Host" author Stephenie Meyer, she also picked Queen Bey...but not because she wants her man. Mostly because girl's got skills.

Now all that's left is a friendly death match between Saoirse and Stephenie to determine who, in the event of a planetary takeover, gets the honor of Bey's bod.

Which celebrity body would you want to inhabit? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!

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