Taylor Swift On 'New Girl': A Cameo Preparedness Checklist

Taylor SwiftJessica Day and her merry band of men-children will be seeing Red come May 14, when country cutie Taylor Swift makes a guest appearance on the season finale of "New Girl."

According to Entertainment Weekly, the songstress has been cast in the role of Elaine, who is an "important guest" at the nuptials of CeCe and Shivrang. Intrigue!

Now, Taylor's no newbie to acting—having starred in "The Lorax" and "Valentine's Day" (and, lest we forget, that one episode of "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation")—but Taylor's never met this "New Girl" or her crazy cohorts. So, to guarantee a safe & sound appearance, we've compiled a few to-do items for the 23-year-old.

A "New Girl" Cameo Preparedness Checklist

1. Pack your entire closet.

Seriously, there's no telling with these guys. You could be spelunking one minute then impersonating Betsy Ross the next.

2. Brush up on the rules of True American.

Speaking of historical figures, it wouldn't be a party without a round of everyone's favorite patriotic drinking game. While the finer points have always been a big vague, we do know one thing: Avoid the amber waves of grain, Taylor, or you'll lose your top!

3. Validate your parking.

Spots are spare in the "New Girl" neighborhood. Better yet, consider a chauffeur, unless you want a run-in with Outside Dave (or a herd of cats that does not look nearly as friendly as Meredith...).

4. Flat-iron your hair.

There can be only one adorkable actress sporting softly tousled waves on screen during a 30-minute primetime slot. It's an FCC ruling, I think.

5. BYOFL (bring your own fruity liquor).

Because Schmidt is not going to share. (FWIW, we couldn't find an appropriate image of Schmidt swilling, so we figured you wouldn't mind this...)

What items should we add to our "New Girl" Cameo Preparedness Checklist? Are you excited to see Taylor on the series? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!