'The Host' Men Talk About Muscles, Feelings

The romantic entanglements of "The Host" may never inspire an ongoing fangirl war on the level of the infamous "Twilight" conflicts—honestly, you guys, how many Team Jacob members have to perish on the battlefield before we just say enough?!—but don't be surprised if a few minor skirmishes break out over the comparative hotness of Ian and Jared. With the movie in theaters tomorrow, audiences everywhere will be picking sides in the love quadrangle that consists of Jared, who loves Melanie, who's infested with an alien intelligence named Wanda, who shares a body with her host but not her taste in men, and who instead prefers a dude named Ian.

Confused? Don't worry, you'll figure it out. And in the meantime, you can get your mind right with this illuminating inter>Jake Abel (who plays Ian) and Max Irons (Jared).

Of his character, Jake had this to say: "Ian is one of the more evolved people in the cave. I say—rather cheesily—that his biggest muscles are his brain and his heart."

That remark led to a guffaw and a groan from his co-star, while Jake protested, "I warned you! I didn't say it was good! But because I play a lot of bad guys, it was nice to play someone who didn't use his muscles to rough people up—like this guy does," he added, nudging Max, whose characters biggest muscles are not his brain and his heart, but rather his bicep and his...other bicep.

"I've never felt tougher," Max agreed. "It kind of boosted my ego a bit."

But don't worry: his character isn't just a mindless mass of meat and punching. He's got feelings!

"Jared is, I think, a decent guy found in very, very bad, difficult circumstances," Max explained. "Losing the girl he loved and then having her come back in physical form, except she's not who she once was...to have to live with that truth is pretty terrible."

"The Host" hits theaters March 29.

Have you picked a side in "The Host" romance wars?