Christina Perri Is A 'Fault In Our Stars' Fan

It looks like John Green's heart-wrenching tale of two teens battling cancer has found another admirer. Songstress Christina Perri took to Twitter today to not only express her feels for the novel, but also send out positive vibes for the movie adaptation. (And lest you think from her post that she didn't know the film's already been optioned, she replied to a fan that she did indeed...)

The big-screen version is, in fact, coming together nicely, with Shailene Woodley announced as the lead earlier this month. Nerdfighters are now waiting with bated breath to see who will play her cute lanky love Augustus Waters.

Christina's no stranger to book-to-movie adaptations, having landed her ballad "A Thousand Years" on the "Breaking Dawn" soundtrack. Perhaps "The Fault in Our Stars" could be her film follow-up?

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