Stephenie Meyer Shares Her Inspiration For 'The Host'

Alien parasite invaders, love on the run, a desert hideout full of scrappy survivors...seriously, you've gotta wonder where Stephenie Meyer got the balls-out crazy ideas that went into her book, "The Host" (the movie adaptation of which will be out this Friday in theaters). And when we sat down with the author, she was more than happy to explain that her wildest plotlines actually rose from a dull, long car ride.

"'The Host' was conceived of on a really boring road trip," she said. "I like to tell myself stories when I'm traveling because I can't read... I never thought about being a writer or sharing those stories, but I've done it my whole life."

Meanwhile, it was a desert setting—much like the one where the action of "The Host" takes place—that inspired Stephenie to start daydreaming about aliens.

"I'm thinking about these two characters in one body, and the conflict, and them both being in love with the same person, and more conflict," she recalled, saying that she then had an epiphany behind the wheel: "There's a full story here!"

And after that?

"I spent the rest of the time thinking about it and not forgetting it," she explained. "I forget things really easily."

But she didn't forget! And we're glad she didn't, because now we can see "The Host" on the big screen! The movie is out March 29.

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