Lucy Hale Promises Album Details To Come

Today was a big one for "Pretty Little Liars" enthusiasts. Not only was the ABC Family series renewed for a fifth season, but producers announced that they are working on a spin-off titled "Ravenswood." And if that weren't enough, Lucy Hale jumped on her Twitter to tease that news regarding her upcoming album will drop soon.

So, yes, there's not actual news about the debut disc that Lucy's been working on with the likes of Kristian Bush of Sugarland. But, the promise of news is pretty exciting too!

"They're the biggest country band out there and I don't even know how I got that," Lucy told MTV News last year of her collaboration. "I don't even know! I got an email about it and it was obviously a no-brainer."

We're keeping our eyes (and ears) open for any and all news, Lucy. Whenever you're ready...

Are you all kinds of enthused about all the "PLL" news out today?