Get To The Heart Of 'The Host' With An EXCLUSIVE New Trailer!

It's easy to forget—what with those otherworldly silver irises staring back at you—that at its heart, Stephenie Meyer's alien-invasion epic, "The Host," is a love story. In fact, it even does the author's previous saga ("Twilight," duh) one better, boasting a love square (that's four sides, guys!) at its juicy center.

As we anticipate the film's Friday release, Hollywood Crush got its hands on an EXCLUSIVE trailer to evoke all the feels you will feel while watching the romantic thriller this weekend.

But wait! There's more! If you click past the jump, you'll be treated to a collection of brand-new images that are likely to cause uncontrollable sweating and swooning: Max Irons looking dreamy. Jake Abel looking dreamy. Max Irons looking dreamy again. What more do we need to say?

"The Host" opens March 29.

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