'Divergent' Gets Three More Dauntless Dudes

All aboard the Dauntless train, y'all! And you'd better run to catch this one, because it's starting to pick up steam: Three newcomers to the faction have joined the cast of "Divergent," filling out almost all the bunks in the initiates' quarters.

Fresh on the roster of cast members: Ben Lloyd-Hughes, Ben Lamb and Christian Madsen, who'll play (respectively) wannabe Dauntless members Will, Edward and Al. The trio are allies of main character Tris during the brutal and terrifying initiation process, and damn fine specimens of exquisite hotness bravery; you can expect to see them in action during the movie's most exciting sequences as Tris and her compatriots have their mettle tested in ways both physical and mental. (Although if you've read the book, you also know that you probably shouldn't get too attached to...well, one of them. We won't say who!)

All three actors are more or less fresh on the Hollywood scene, although you may recognize Lloyd-Hughes from his role on the British version of "Skins"—and if you're thinking that Christian Madsen looks eerily familiar, it's probably because he's a spitting image of his actor-dad Michael Madsen. (Seriously, it's a little freaky.) And with the exception of one or two minor antagonists and the part of Tris' mom, their addition to the cast pretty much fills out the film's available roles. So...I mean, can we get some set photos now? Character portraits? A title poster? Anything!

Are you psyched to see the "Divergent" cast filling out?