We're Obsessed With 'The Following' Hottie Nico Tortorella

Nico TortorellaIt might come as no surprise to find out that Nico Tortorella has us tuning into “The Following” week after week. As you know, we here at Hollywood Crush love gawking at good looking dudes. Nico, as you can see, is very, very, very easy on the eyes (one reason we named him our Hump Day Hottie back in 2011).

OK, we’ll level with you here. There are lots of reasons why we’re really into the Fox thriller about a killer cult—with a Poe fascination—who take their orders from lit professor/serial killer Joe Carroll. Nico just happens to be at the top the list.

Yes, the story is compelling and the twists always surprise us, but seeing Nico play a naive cult follower torn between his best mate (and sometimes gay lover) and his girlfriend (with that pixie cut we kinda wish she’d grow out), is rather fascinating.

And, it’s easy to see why he’s become a muse for “The Following” creator Kevin Williamson, who also worked with the 24-year-old on "Scream 4." Nico perfectly inhabits Jacob’s innocence and his moral dichotomy. Jacob is in a cult obsessed with murdering people, yet until very, very recently he’d never actually murdered someone. And, when he finally did, it was more a mercy killing than an actual bloody murder. Jacob, from the looks of it, is kind of a good kid who got caught up with a bad crowd. Even his murder is almost forgivable.

With a new episode slated for tonight, and a new Jacob out for revenge, it looks like the good boy is about to prove why he’s so into Joe Carroll’s obsession with slicing and dicing. It’s like they say (or like we just co-opted for this post) “Hell hath no fury like a nice guy scorned.”

And, if this means we’re going to see the bad boy side of Nico, our DVRs are already set and the popcorn is popped.

Are you watching "The Following"? Are you obsessed too with Nico Tortorella? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!

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