Gaze Into The FAYZ With The EXCLUSIVE Book Trailer For 'Light'

It's been nearly five years since we first stumbled into the haunted realm of Perdido Beach, California, where everyone over the age of 13 has mysteriously vanished, leaving the town's children behind to search for answers, reinvent society and develop mysterious supernatural abilities with no rhyme or reason behind them. And after six books' worth of battles, adventures and ever-deepening intrigue, Michael Grant's epic "Gone" series is about to conclude...and we've got the EXCLUSIVE book trailer to tease the stunning finale!

What's in store when "Light" hits shelves in April? We can't say for sure —the reports coming out of the Fallout Alley Youth Zone are all unconfirmed, after all—but look, let's be real, that kid definitely has a big orange tentacle where his arm is supposed to be.

With more than a year past since the disappearance of every adult in Perdido Beach, the survivors inside the fallout zone have coped with starvation, mutations, shifting allegiances and an evil presence in the wood outside of town...on top of all the inevitable dramas that come from a bunch of hormone-addled pubescents being trapped together inside an impenetrable barrier. But now, an old enemy has been reborn—and a hard-won battle must be fought again, with no guarantee for victory. And while it remains to be seen whether this is the end for the citizens of the FAYZ, it is the last we'll see of them or their tentacular appendages in print, so get excited.

"Light" hits bookstores on April 2.

Are you pumped for the last book in the "Gone" series?