'Vampire Diaries' Recap: 'Because The Night'

Vampire Diariesby Cassie Title

Because the night has me singing (see what I did there?!), it’s taken me until midnight to get started on this recap. But I've had some time to mull things over, allowing me to choose the single, most important revelation of the night. Drum roll, please!

(I didn’t hear it. Did you roll the drums? Weird.)

Flashbacks are an excuse to see how many time periods the costume designers can sneak leather jackets into. I’m serious. The year 1977 is no exception; in fact, the only exception is 1864 and shortly thereafter. You’ll remember that they even put in a leather jacket for Klaus in 1492 England, which is just batsh-t crazy. I know we’ve talked about this before, but I feel it's been lacking from the conversation lately. (Probably because we’ve been thinking about, oh, the cure for vampirism and Elena turning off her humanity and Bonnie attempting to murder 12 more people and let loose all supernatural dead beings into the world, or whatever.) But it’s time.

Now, I love a good flashback as much as anybody, but this New York, 1977 one, except for a few details, could very well have been 2013, New York. And I think that’s a mistake. Yes, there were some cool details; (apparently, The Factory and Andy Warhol’s crazy Superstars were “too clean," which is a laugh, for Damon; Damon hung out in a punk bar around the time of the Sex Pistols’ rise to fame, which partially explains the leather jackets and the absence of bell bottoms), but besides the fact that it was fairly recent, there was no need for it to have been in 1977. I wish they had made that more purposeful, because I would’ve liked it so much.

So, now for the important, lovely, and wonderful things that occurred on tonight’s episode, in no particular order:

1. Lexi and Damon TOTALLY HOOKED UP in 1977, and it’s still blowing my mind. Like, whoa. I’m going to criticize first, then commend. Criticism: This plot development is CLEARLY not like in "Harry Potter" where J.K. Rowling knew from the very beginning everything that would happen, and eased and surprised you into it in an organic way. It’s a tad bit forced and doesn’t completely fit with their earlier interactions; there’s a scene in the first season, when she visits for Stefan’s birthday, where they’re lying on a bed together and he sort of makes a move and she’s so like bitch, please, in a way that shows this would never, ever happen, not that this happened and I’m having trouble getting over it.

But, save for that, it was TOTALLY AWESOME, and I was REALLY EXCITED ABOUT IT because Damon, from the beginning, was the good one, the one that asked Lexi to help Stefan, and she always treated Damon like vermin. You see, Stefan asked Lexi to help Damon after he turned off his switch, and so she spent six months partying with him by day and torturing him (read: trying to get him to talk about Katherine and his love for her so he could begin to feel again) by night. Except, one night, Damon tricked her! He said Katherine wasn’t the one he cared about! And then he made out with Lexi, and it was implied that he had turned his switch back on, and they did it on the bar and the stage and the roof. But morning came, he somehow made the roof door impossible to open, and Lexi, with no daylight ring, (good consistency, guys! She didn’t have one when we met her, either), was forced to bear the sun. (Still wondering how she got out of that one...) And Damon dashed off. And it was HORRID. And I would understand Lexi’s treatment of him if he had done that earlier, but ’77 was the last time he saw her before present day.

Apparently, Damon did this to her to get her off his back about flipping the switch. But Elena, who’s still being kind of awesome, pointed out that anger is a feeling, and revenge is fueled by feelings. So maybe Lexi’s plan worked out after all? Except for the fact that she did it with Ian Somerhalder and he may have broken her heart. And mine, in the process. Because then HE KILLED HER, REMEMBER? HE SLEPT WITH HER, LIED TO HER, MADE IT CLEAR THAT HE DIDN’T ACTUALLY HAVE FEELINGS FOR HER, AND THEN TO DEAL WITH THE GUILT THIRTY SOME YEARS LATER HE KILLED HER! That’s so cold. Sometimes, I wish he had killed Elena instead of Lexi, because Lexi rocks and is so much fun and I want to see her all the time.

2. Damon inadvertently helped Katherine run away from him from ’77 on. Will, our lovely dead vampire friend from last week, sold fake IDs to vampires. In 1977, Damon would kill people and give Will their IDs. Will had a repeat runner, a 5'7" lady, who was mentioned in one of the ’77 scenes. And then Will walked away when Lexi would implore Damon to discuss Katherine. What I want to know: did Will know that his repeat runner was Katherine, the love of Damon’s life?! It’s just all kinds of bananas. Anyway, the present-day trip to New York is a little bit to enjoy being hedonistic with Elena, but mostly a search for Will’s office/apartment/whatever for intel on Katherine’s whereabouts. Which Damon found; mostly, a bunch of P.O. boxes, which answers my lifelong question of who uses P.O. boxes besides companies or people who work out of their home. Apparently, vampires on the run! But Damon couldn’t hold on to the information long enough...

3. That’s because Elena and Rebekah now have it. Nope, you’re not seeing things; the pair’s working together, now. Humanity-less Elena wants nothing to do with the cure, and Rebekah wants it more than ever. So, they took off in Damon’s awesome car and drove through the mean streets of NYC (which, seriously, no one does—LIKE WHO DRIVES IN NEW YORK BESIDES CAB DRIVERS?) But that’s not Damon’s only problem.

4. Stefan failed to stop the expression triangle. He figured out that Silas was in Shane’s body, but the big twist was that Bonnie already knew, and was hanging with him in her house! Confusion abounded. But, we learned something new about the expression triangle: 1) it was actually a triangle on a map, in real-life space and 2) it consisted of humans-demons-witches. So Bonnie was about to kill some witches. Asia, her mom’s old friend, came and brought with her a coven. This was interesting, mainly because I’ve never heard the word coven used on "TVD." But the witches came to cleanse Bonnie of expression. I’m still not sure whether Bonnie wanted that, and was tricking Silas, or if she was tricking the witches and trying to complete the circle for him. Either way, Stefan arrived and caused some trouble. Asia realized Bonnie was too deep in with expression, and took out a knife. She was going to kill Bonnie, and she was linked to the rest of the witches, so she was too powerful! That’s when Caroline flew up from behind and killed her, and, because they were all linked, all of the witches died. So, not only did Caroline kill 12 people; she completed Silas’s expression triangle. Who’s looking forward to an episode when we see everyone we loved and hated from the other side?

5. Humanity-less Elena is tres chic. Seriously, the girl's way fashionable. She got a new do; waves and some red streaks. Loo-king good.

6. Silas and Klaus met.

Silas in Shane’s body (who really acts no differently than Shane, which means that actor needs to STEP IT UP), threatened Klaus with a white oak dagger or stake or whatever it is at this point. He did this to ensure that Klaus will get the cure from Katherine to give to Silas. Yikes.

7. Katherine’s in the next episode.

And I am so darn excited! Now that Elena’s fun, who will I like more? Plus, I want to see a Kat-Bec showdown. Rebekah occasionally mentions “the doppelganger” less than fondly, so I’m thinking it’s going to be fun.

A couple other things happened, like Bonnie went completely "Exorcist" during the whole cleansing/massacring spell. Oh, and she remembers nothing after the cave. Meaning, Stefan had to retell her that Jeremy died. Klaus and Caroline completely eye flirted. Later, she told him only terrible people do terrible things. And then, when she massacred the witches to save Bonnie, after Klaus warned her not to, she got no sympathy from him, which she deserved. But wasn’t it mildly heartbreaking to see his face, shielded from her, with all of the complications, re: his treatment of her?

Oh, and Silas is not a vampire. This confuses me, because everyone keeps acting like he is. He’s a witch, but he’s feeding on blood, and he’s in someone else’s body, and we know he’s not a vampire because he was around way before the Originals, who were obviously the original vampires. So I’d like for that to cleared up, showrunners. Thanks a bunch!

What else did you find interesting? Excited for next week’s girlfrontation with Katherine? Were you shocked about Damon and Lexi? Will Klaus’s fear of death make him stop at nothing to find the cure and Katherine? What happened to Hayley this episode? Will Caroline and Klaus make up? Where was Matt? Did you like the flashbacks? What’s going to happen now that Silas has everything he needs to destroy the other side? This is the time, this is the place. Sharing is caring, so tell me your thoughts, your conspiracies, your ideas, your favorite quotes from the episode, your plans, your favorite food, your favorite song, whatever. Seriously, whatever you want to say, say it. Tweet away, write a comment, do your thang, people! Do your thing.