Kate Winslet Is Definite For 'Divergent'

Kate WinsletYou might have already celebrated this news when it was strictly speculation, but because we'll take any excuse to put on our dystopian party hats, here's a very exciting thing that is Just Now Official: Hollywood icon Kate Winslet is definitely, positively, confirmed-ly on board for a juicy role in the "Divergent" movie, according to a release from Summit Entertainment. Hooray!

Kate has long been rumored to be circling the film, but with two available roles for a lady her age, it was up for debate whether she'd be playing a good guy—the devoted, selfless mother to heroine Tris—or a... well, not-so-good guy, as the calculating leader of the Erudite faction, Jeanine Matthews. And for those who wanted to see the actress embrace a slightly more morally-ambiguous role, today's news is a double shot of awesome: Kate is, indeed, going to perfect her steely-eyed glare for the role of the intelligence-valuing community's most grand high poo-bah.

"Divergent" takes place in the dilapidated ruins of Chicago, in an indeterminate future where society has split into five separate factions aligned with a particular value: the courageous Dauntless, the selfless Abnegation, the peace-loving Amity, the smartypants Erudite and the brutally honest Candor. Tris, an Abnegation-raised teenager, isn't sure she fits in with her faction...or anywhere at all, for that matter, when a placement test to determine her value system shows that she's something else: Divergent. The dystopian drama is based on a bestselling YA trilogy by Veronica Roth and is one of the most anticipated adaptations in production. And with a release date set for March 2014, the Dauntless train should be rolling out of the station anytime now! Get ready! Choo-choo!

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