5 Things To Do Before Seeing 'Spring Breakers'

Spring Breakersby Jessica Marshall

"Spring Breakers" isn't an average tale of sandy beach shenanigans, poolside partying and blackout drinking.

Instead, it's a gritty look at a dark side of the sun-soaked American co-ed tradition of spring break—with all the sex, guns and girls gone wild that go with it.

"Kids" screenwriter Harmony Korine penned and directed "Spring Breakers," starring former Disney princesses Selina Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens, as well as "Pretty Little Liars" star Ashley Benson and Korine's own wife, Rachel. The film chronicles the seriously illegal and morally questionable misadventures of four friends as they steal, con, snort and shoot their way through a very memorable vacation in sunny Florida. A seedy local gangster named Alien (James Franco), chaperones their nefarious binging, landing the misfit gals smack in the middle of a gang war.

Sounds like a typical spring break...but before you go wild, here are five things you should do before seeing "Spring Breakers."

Go on Spring Break

Hit the beach in Daytona and party your face off. One week in the sun and you'll have a sense of why the crazy girls in this movie would rob a diner and steal a car to get their spring break on. There are many less illegal ways to get to Florida though, and we highly recommend you get there responsibly. And don't forget the sunscreen. Your skin will thank you when you're too old to do this spring break thing.

Candy-coat your life

The film is characterized largely by the juxtaposition of dark, gritty themes and bright, candy-hued colors. From aqua-colored bikinis to bubblegum-pink ski masks, everything pops onscreen. Dig through your closet or go out and buy some obnoxiously candy-coated stuff to bring with you on spring break, whether it's a bathing suit, a cell phone case or a pair of sunglasses. We don't recommend the ski mask...unless your spring break actually involves skiing.

Roll in the dough

Empty the contents of your wallet or piggy bank onto your bed and roll around in your money for a while. Revel in your hard-earned cash! It's Alien's favorite thing to do (besides singing Britney Spears songs with underage girls and shooting people).

Sing Britney songs

In one slightly unsettling part of the film, Alien and the girls gather 'round a grand piano and belt out a rendition of Britney Spears' "Everytime." We all know the words to at least one Britney ditty, so let it out! It will kick any spring break party up a notch!

Watch "Kids"

"Spring Breakers" director and screenwriter Harmony Korine got his big break at age 19, when he penned the screenplay for the soberingly realistic movie "Kids." It also started the acting careers of Chloe Sevigny and Rosario Dawson. It has a similar cinematic vibe to "Spring Breakers," but we're warning you, this movie will probably scare the crap out of you.

BONUS: Get Alien cornrows

James Franco sports some epic cornrows onscreen (and an equally epic grill). We're pretty sure that if you adopt the hairstyle, you will rock it infinitely more than he does.

Will you be seeing "Spring Breakers" this weekend?