'Spring Breakers' Finish That Britney Spears Lyric

While it's still under dispute which "Spring Breakers" starlet is the biggest Britney Spears stan (Selena's argument is a compelling one...), we do know one thing for sure: the pop tart's songbook gets a good look in the Harmony Korine-directed drama, with not one but two tunes ("...Baby One More Time" and "Everytime") making the cut. Which got us wondering: How well do Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine really know Britney's oeuvre?

We put the actresses to the test in our latest After Hours, asking them to finish that lyric. And not to spoil it or anything, but they performed admirably, with Selena even busting out a mini serenade at the end. Oops!... She Did It Again, amirite?

Click play on the video to watch the "Spring Breakers" get their Britney on.

"Spring Breakers" is playing in New York and L.A. and will open nationwide tomorrow.

Are Britney Spears and "Spring Breakers" a match made in heaven? Did you know all of the lyrics?