'Spring Breakers' Were Shocked--SHOCKED!--By Real Spring Break Experience

From the few glimpses we've gotten of "Spring Breakers" in the days leading up to its March 22 wide release, you might have concluded that all four of its leading ladies came to the film as consummate partiers—girls for whom no level of intoxication, shenanigans or public nakedness could ever be too much! But according to Selena Gomez, Rachel Korine, and Ashley Benson, this was actually the wildest party they've ever attended...and they're not really sure how they feel about it, either.

"Well, yeah, that's the craziest thing I've ever experienced," said Selena, who explained that neither she nor any of her co-stars had ever actually done the spring break thing. And for Ashley, mingling with real, actual college students on spring break was so mind-blowing that she kinda can't even articulate it.

"We would literally be doing takes, and we were surrounded by real spring breakers," she said. "We were kind of thrown into this whole thing, and I've never seen anything like it—girls would be making out, and then their clothes would come off and I was like, 'Oh my god, the bottoms?!' And then they'd—I mean, OH MY GOD!"

And according to the girls, a lot of the emotion you'll see on screen is the real thing; with the cameras rolling as they bounced from party to party, all they had to do was be themselves.

"You actually get to see us in the scenes, reacting naturally to our environment, because we didn't know what was about to happen," Rachel said.

So basically, if you go see "Spring Breakers," and you see Ashley Benson flailing around in horror as someone's bikini bottoms liberate themselves from her hindquarters, it is probably not acting.

Do you think you'll be shocked by "Spring Breakers"?