Lily Collins Can't Get Enough Of Shadowhunting

In the wide world of book-to-movie adaptations, nothing gives us literary snobs the warm fuzzies quite like a star who really gets it—"it", of course, being the heart and soul of the story behind the film. And nobody fits that particular bill quite like Lily Collins, who's starring in the upcoming "Mortal Instruments: City of Bones." Just watch her enthusing about the source material in this interview from the set!

"I love the stories," Lily gushed. "I love Clary because she's this heroine who's this normal girl, who finds out she has these powers."

And when it comes to seeing the world of "City of Bones" on-screen, Lily said that you can count on much, much more than just a pretty shell of a setting full of stunning special effects: "The emotion is there. It's not just a CGI world. It's not just a translation of a book. It's more emotionally, character-based than just aesthetically beautiful."

Meanwhile, Lily's passion for the project hasn't gone unnoticed by her co-stars, who can't say enough about her gift for bringing Clary Fray to life. Robert Sheehan, who plays on-screen BFF Simon, said, "She's an absolute star and incredible, on-the-moment brilliant actor and consummate professional. It's lovely to have someone like that for the really emotional, dramatic stuff. That's what really makes the film, first and foremost, a human story. Because if it's not that, it's not really relatable or interesting."

And Jamie Campbell Bower, who plays the enigmatic bad-boy Jace, said that his leading lady's talents leave him speechless...literally.

"There have been times I've been in a scene with Lily, and she's doing something, and I just zone out, being like 'God, you're brilliant... Oh wait! I'm actually meant to be saying something.'"

Can't wait to see Lily in action? Wondering what she's feeling about the possibility of a cinematic sequel? Click to watch the full video, and make sure to mark your calendars: "Mortal Instruments: City of Bones" is out in theaters August 23.

Do you think Lily will be the perfect Shadowhunter?