Ashley Benson's 'Spring Breakers' Style

Ashley BensonFROM MTV STYLE: For obvious reasons, most of the chatter surrounding "Spring Breakers" is about the whole Disney girls-gone-wild juxtaposition of Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens—formerly known for their family-friendly images—tearing it up on-screen as criminal college girls in neon bikinis. But no less important to the buzzworthiness of this film is the presence of Ashley Benson, who's not only a pretty little liar on our favorite ABC Family-grade guiltwatch, but also a very savvy fashionista. And if you want to see what she's got to say about the spring break style experience—from coordinating outfits with her co-stars to getting comfy on set—then don't miss this exclusive interview with her!

Click on over to MTV Style for the skinny on "Spring Breakers" fashion.

(In this case, it's actually about much more than bikinis and big booties. All apologies to Mr. Franco.)