5 Reasons Taissa Farmiga Should Be In Everything

Taissa FarmigaLately, it seems like you can't so much as glance at the internet without seeing a new announcement about some hot young starlet or another being tapped for the career-making lead role in an important new film. Which is all well and good and very exciting, except for just one thing: None of the hot young starlets in question is ever Taissa Farmiga.

Which, if you're at all familiar with Taissa and her awesome acting talents, is clearly NOT OKAY. And while we're not saying that Taissa should be cast in every single thing, ever, for the rest of time (except when we do, for which we are not even remotely sorry), it should go without saying that we all need more Taissa Farmiga screen-time, because of reasons. The top five of which are...

5. Awesomeness is in her genes.

It was older sister Vera Farmiga (of "Up in the Air"), who finally convinced Taissa to give the family biz a try; the actress made her on-screen debut playing a younger version of Vera in "Higher Ground."

4. She's multi-talented!

In addition to her acting talents, she's fluent in American Sign Language.

3. She's one half of the most devastatingly romantic emo screen couple ever to grace our televisions.

As Violet in "American Horror Story," Taissa played no small part in making the classmate-murdering, latex-wearing, demented romantic Tate Langdon (Evan Peters) seem like a believable dreamboat.

2. She's got one of Hollywood's most unique faces.

All the cookie cutter teens who play classic small-screen pretty girls start to blend together after awhile; in a sea of big eyes and button noses, Taissa's look is seriously refreshing.

1. She's got excellent taste.

Not only did she have the stones to make her breakout role on the dark, twisted, subversively campy first season of "American Horror Story," Taissa has since shown a penchant for picking smart scripts, from a supporting role (this time playing Vera Farmiga's daughter) in the indie romance "Middleton," to teaming up with Sofia Coppola for "The Bling Ring."

Do you want to see more Taissa in your movies?