'Pretty Little Liars' Season 3 Finale: 5 Suspects For Red Coat

The Red Coat is coming! After teasing us for the better part of the season with the warning that "Red is the new black," tonight's "Pretty Little Liars"' finale, "A dAngerous gAMe," finds Spencer face to face with the mysterious figure. Though it's unclear whether we'll be privy to the scarlet-wearer's identity, there's no stopping us from rounding up a few likely suspects for the real identity of Red Coat.

Check out our theories after the jump and be sure to weigh in with your own in the comments!

The suspect: Melissa

The evidence: Spencer and her older sister have had a contentious relationship ever since the series began (really, before), and it can't be coincidence that Melissa is always in the right place at the right time. (Or is it the wrong place at the wrong time?) She was on the incriminating video from the night of Alison's murder (and the only one, in fact, who's still alive and/or in town). She was the only one home when Spencer got locked in the steaming shower. And she was, allegedly, the one who told CeCe that Mona was in Radley. Clearly, she's dealing in shady biz. But is it all just too obvious?

The suspect: Mona

The evidence: Though we're still unsure how exactly Red Coat figures into the A Team, we've been assuming that he/she is the shadowy leader of the liar-loathing consortium. If that's the case, who better to be Queen Bee than the one holding all of Ali's secrets (i.e. her diaries)?

The suspect: CeCe

The evidence: If the key to A Team dominance is, in fact, a stash of Ali's intel, CeCe is also a likely contender. She and Ali spent a good deal of time together in the days leading up to her disappearance—CeCe was the only one to know Ali had a pregnancy scare, and she was no doubt privy to many more secrets. Also, if I'm not mistaken, CeCe's return to town coincided closely with the emergence of Red Coat (if not slightly before).

The suspect: Alison

The evidence: This one is pure speculation. But haven't you been waiting for Ali to come back from the grave (not just in flashbacks and hallucinations) since season one? She created the identity of Vivivan Darkbloom (who Red Coat is obviously taking style inspiration from), and it seems only fitting that Ali be the one to use a variation of that alter ego to accomplish some nefarious end. Flip that script.

The suspect: Toby

The evidence: Again, this is more speculation than fact, but "Pretty Little Liars" takes plenty of cues from Alfred Hitchcock's playbook, so it wouldn't be too far-fetched to think producers are pulling a total "Psycho" (i.e. Red Coat is really a dude!). Toby's troubles started the minute Ali's prank left Jenna blind, and he has every reason to seek vengeance on the liars. But if he actually is dead, well, there are plenty of other guys who could have been wearing the red hood, including Jason or Wren.

Who do you think Red Coat is? Did we leave out any likely suspects? Jenna perhaps? Tell us your thoughts and theories in the comments and on Twitter!