Selena Gomez Talks Her 'Spring Breakers' Acting Passion

Okay: So we now know that Selena Gomez went hard for her game-changing role in "Spring Breakers"—and was egged on by none other than her own mom to make the film—but we've still gotta talk just a teensy bit more about what it was like for her and her cast mates to make such a gross, gritty, grimy flick full of bikinis and handguns and truly unnerving dental accessories. So c'mon, ladies: Was there anything about doing this movie that made you a little uncomfy?

In a word: nope.

Selena offered her take, saying, "I just think, as an actress, you kind of look for things like this. There's not anything we're doing that's super uncomfortable for us, because we are playing characters, and this is something we're really passionate about." (Based on the nods of agreement from the rest of the girls, we're thinking they share Selena's feelings.) And if you're looking for your takeaway, the former Disney Channel star has it summed up nicely in a single sentence:

"It's a part, at the end of the day."

Which, at this point, we imagine is a nice way of saying, "It's not real, people. Stop asking!" (Sorry!)

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