'Maze Runner' Finds Its Fearless Leader

The next big thing in dystopian blockbusters is getting bigger by the day: the "Maze Runner" movie has added yet another cast member to its roster! And even if you're a little tired of the whole end-of-the-world, death-of-society thing, you might want to pay attention to this particular casting couch, which is shaping up to be a veritable buffet of nice-looking young men. (Hey, we know what you like.)

The latest get for the YA film adaptation: According to The Hollywood Reporter, producers have snagged the delicious Aml Ameen to play a starring role.

"Maze Runner" takes place in an unnerving futureworld, where several dozen young men find themselves living inside a giant concrete maze with no memory of who they are or how they got there. Naming themselves Gladers after the central clearing where they live, they form a ramshackle society and struggle to navigate their way to freedom—until a new boy arrives who may just bring on the end of the a-maze-ing world as they know it.

Aml, who appeared in the film "Red Tails" and has appeared in a recurring role on "Harry's Law," will play Alby, the de facto kingpin of the Gladers. Will Poulter has already been cast in the lead. And with a ton more maze-running characters still up for grabs, keep an eye out for more butts to land on the "Maze Runner" casting couch soon.

Are you psyched to see Aml on board the "Maze Runner" movie?