Judd Apatow Promises 'Beautiful Ending' For 'Girls' Season Finale

GirlsFrom a cocaine bender to a Q-Tip blunder, it's been a dark and twisty season for Hannah Horvath and her "Girls" ... and boys. (I mean, we'll have that Adam-Natalia sex scene burned into our brains forever...)

While we have no idea how the season will conclude on Sunday night, we did speak with a man who has some insight: executive producer Judd Apatow.

"I'm very proud of the season finale," Judd said by phone earlier this week. "I co-wrote it with Lena [Dunham], and you know, the last three episodes are almost like a three-part mini-series. I think it has a beautiful ending, and I think people are really going to like it."

Of course, much of what made this season great (and cringe-worthy) wouldn't have been possible if Lena hadn't been willing to continually push her (and our) boundaries.

"Lena's very brave and willing to go to some dark places, and I'm just so impressed by what she's decided to do with this show and new areas she's chosen to cover, and it's also really funny," Judd said. "I think people are going to like it. I'm very proud of the entire season. I think it all comes together beautifully. I can't say there won't be more uncomfortable moments." (No surprise there...)

Thanks to the quirks of scheduling, the series' writers often find themselves breaking a new season while the previous one is concluding, which Judd said adds an interesting wrinkle to the creative process.

"We start shooting the new season next month," Judd said. "It's funny for us because we're always hearing all the feedback from the previous season at the exact moment that we're getting ready to start shooting the next. So it's helpful for us to know how people are responding. It actually kind of electrifies the whole process of trying to make the show because people have such a strong reaction to it."

Stay tuned to MTV Movies Blog next week as we role out our entire interview with Judd, in which we discuss the home-video release of "This Is Forty."