'Vampire Diaries' Returns Tonight With 'Fun' Episode, Producer Says

Vampire DiariesWhile "The Vampire Diaries" writers have never treated anyone like they were sacred, we were pretty shocked when Elena's brother, Jeremy, was killed off last month. It was a pretty gutsy move for the show to make—considering he was the only person really keeping the vamp from showing her fangs.

When MTV News' Tami Katzoff spoke to writer/producer Jose Molina about the earth-shattering decision to off Jeremy, he explained why little Gilbert was the character that just had to go, leaving us with Steven McQueen withdrawals.

"You never kill off a main character without giving it a lot of thought, but one of the things I always loved about 'TVD' as a fan was how fearless it was. When I joined the show this season, I wanted to keep the stakes as high as ever, and it felt like Jeremy's death would have the most impact," he explained. "Not that it was remotely a unilateral decision on my part —it was one that Julie and the writing staff made together—but I personally felt like it was a good move, and I'm very happy that I got to pull the proverbial trigger!"

And, if you think you’re the only person missing the adorable Steven, think again. He added, "For the record, Steven McQueen could not have been cooler or more gracious about the whole thing. I must've hugged the dude 10 times on his last day of shooting. I was so sad about his departure."

After a couple weeks off, "TVD" is back this week, and things are about to pick up in the mood department.

“One word: fun. We know we put our fans through the wringer with the last few episodes, and we felt like they deserved a change of pace," Jose said about tonight's episode. "So you'll get to see a very different side of Elena now that her emotions are switched off. She's not evil, she's just...kinda mean...in a hysterical way," he teased. "Mike Narducci and Elisabeth Finch wrote a really fun script, and Nina really let it rip with the attitude. Fans, rest assured: For once, you can put the Kleenex away."

As shocking as it might be to see Elena bring out her inner bad girl, what Jose shared next (and we presume he’s kidding us) about the season-ender is even more eyebrow raising: "Everybody dies."

Well, if that should happen, we do have Klaus-centric “The Originals” spin-off to keep us tuning in every week. The backdoor pilot will air on April 25 and is currently filming in New Orleans. And, Jose really doesn’t know much more than that himself. "I have not been involved with the spinoff at all so far. I know the script and have seen the dailies— which look beautiful—but everything I know is top secret. You'll have to ask Julie about that one!"

We’re placing our calls to her office now.

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