Beau Mirchoff Promises 'More Drama' For Season 3 Of 'Awkward'

"Awkward" fans should get hyped for season three. Beau Mirchoff explained that when the show returns to MTV this April, love will definitely be in the air.

"Matty and Jenna have had this opportunity to really know each other and kind of start this relationship and kind of deepen their relationship," he told MTV News this week. "He's finally open with his relationship with Jenna, which he hasn’t been in the past. So you're gonna see Matty being romantic and happy with his situation.That’s kind of one of the most prevalent changes from the first two seasons."

And with the good, also comes the, well, awkward. Season three will not only introduce a new cast mate (Nolan Gerard Funk), but also some drama. "The ninth and tenth episode we start in a few days, so, yeah we’re cracking away," he said. "It’s going very well. I honestly believe this season is the best one yet. It’s really funny. It’s more dramatic, there’s more drama as the season progresses. It’s a good season for Matty, as well. He’s kind of maturing. He’s evolving and maybe a couple characters are devolving."

He added that while "the tone’s pretty consistent" the drama stems from "the events that happen. Things kind of go a different way." Consider us intrigued.

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