Selena Gomez Recalls Her Most Intense 'Spring Breakers' Moment

What's Selena Gomez's favorite scene from her new flick, "Spring Breakers"? The actress doesn't give specifics, but it sounds like we'll know it when we see it...and when we see it, it sounds like we might wish we hadn't. In an interview with MTV News, Selena described the challenging moment:

"There is a scene in the movie where James and I have a confrontation—a very awkward, uncomfortable confrontation," she said. And not only was the moment intense, but Selena went into it totally unrehearsed.

"I knew about that scene two minutes before we shot it," she explained. "I was supposed to be finished for the day. We had finished the crying scene. I was in the pool house and I was bawling, and I was so tired of crying—because you get exhausted from crying. I was like, 'Oh, I'm done.'"

Except that she wasn't: "[Director] Harmony [Korine] pulls me aside, and he goes, 'All right, so we're gonna do a scene in here with you and James.' And he goes, 'He's going to convince you to stay with the girls.' and I go, 'OK, well, what do I say? Am I sad? Am I mad? Am I scared?' And he goes, 'Sure.' And I was like, 'Well, wait a minute. What's happening?'"

The answer to that question being... well, we don't know. Selena, perhaps out of a desire not to spoil the scene for moviegoers, will only say that something happened, and it was CRAZY.

"That scene was absolutely intense and so real, because I had no idea that that was going to happen, and [James] was so brilliant in it."

So, basically, go see "Spring Breakers." Watch for the part where James holds Selena's hand. And then brace yourself for intense real brilliance that may or may not make you very uncomfortable! Yay!

"Spring Breakers" hits theaters in New York and L.A. tomorrow and nationwide March 22.

Is your interest piqued by Selena's description of her freaky Franco scene?