'Maze Runner' Movie Grabs Another Guy

Thomas Brodie-SangsterWith the movie adaptation of James Dashner's "The Maze Runner" finally filling out its cast, every eligible young man in Hollywood is going to be eyeing the roles of the story's various amnesiac teenage boys who live in a giant maze. And after earlier reports that Will Poulter was circling the film's lead, we've got another major character cast: Deadline has the news that Thomas Brodie-Sangster, best known as the adorable youngster from "Love Actually," is on board the project in the role of Newt.

After his famous mad "Love Actually" dash through Heathrow Airport to catch the girl of his dreams, Thomas should be more than ready to put his fleet feet to use in "Maze Runner," whose drama centers on a group of boys trapped by unseen kidnappers in an enormous, deadly labyrinth. (Those who've read the book will recognize his character as the second-in-command in the slapdash hierarchy formed by the maze-dwelling teens.)

Also of interest: Hollywood monster-man Ken Barthelmy has teased fans with the news that he's been at work on concept designs for the film, which means that the story's horrible stinging beasts, known as "grievers," should be every bit as terrifying as you might've hoped for. And between "Maze Runner," the "Divergent" movie and the still-to-come screen adaptations of "Catching Fire" and "Mockingjay," we're getting pretty psyched for the next couple years of dark, dystopian flicks in which the whole world has gone to hell.

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