Nina Dobrev Beats People Up On 'Conan'

The takeaway from what you're about to see? Never, ever, ever question the legitimacy of Nina Dobrev's butt-stomping skills—lest you end up taking a beer stein to the head.

Alas, this lesson comes too late for Conan O'Brien, who had the audacity to tell Nina during her guest appearance on his show that, y'know, she just doesn't seem like much of an ass-kicker. He's gotta be hurting today; Nina and her traveling tag team of stuntmen went bananas on their host, until the "Vampire Diaries" star hurled him bodily through the wall.

And the action doesn't stop there! Which is to say, Nina also joined Conan in a spirited discussion of just how many of her show's male cast members she's made out with (spoiler: ALL OF THEM) and what it was like to get sex scene tips from her mom (spoiler: AWKWARD). The whole thing was so hot that Zach Braff, who'd been quietly sitting on the couch during Nina's turn in the spotlight, momentarily erupted into shirt-rending excitement. No, seriously: that happened. And considering what went on the last time Nina paid a visit to "Conan," we're kinda starting to wonder whether there's something in the water at the TBS studios. Stunt scenes? Maternal sex tips? Yogic crotch-massages? What is it about Conan that drives Nina crazy? Discuss!

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