'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'I'm Your Puppet'

Pretty Little LiarsThe revolving door at A-Team headquarters continues to turn. As Toby's demise looks more and more certain, it seems ex-girlfriend Spencer is ready to fill his black hoodie. But let's go back to the beginning of "I'm Your Puppet"—the penultimate episode of "Pretty Little Liars"' third season.

The girls went to visit Spencer at Radley, and leave it to Hanna to spill the beans that the park rangers had found a body. But the others were quick to point out that it had been a camper who'd gone missing weeks before—not Toby. Spencer wouldn't believe it, though—it had to be Toby. She insisted that she needed to stay longer in the mental hospital; that the bars not only kept people in but kept people out, as well.

The body in question had yet to be identified, and Emily made her mother promise that she'd pass on any information once the police had it. She agreed, but that wasn't enough for Em. The liars hatched a plan to break into the morgue to take a picture of the body for proof. (This hospital really needs to up its security...)

Meanwhile, Spencer's mom arrived at Radley ready to take her daughter home. But as we already knew, Spencer wasn't going anywhere. Mrs. Hastings, visibly worried, remarked that she hadn't seen someone hold onto a secret so tightly since Ali. As it turns out, days before Alison's disappearance, Spencer's mom saw Ali sneaking into House Hastings with a bloody lip. Ali broke down crying and begged that she not say anything to her parents... bringing us back to present day, where Mrs. Hastings had an important (and perceptive) query for her daughter: "Is Toby not the person we though he was?" Good question, mom.

The other liars, clad in their always-useful candy stripers outfits, snuck into the morgue, with Aria standing guard outside the door. Hanna and Em found the unidentified body, which rather strangely had a mask covering its face. They took off the disguise but weren't able to snap a pic—Aria set off figurative alarm bells as Redcoat got off of the elevator (and just as quickly got back on).

Wren finally showed up at Radley to check on Spencer (dude, where ya been?), and if orderly Eddie is to be trusted, Wren's motives may not be as pure as we once believed. Or maybe it's Eddie who's working for the A Team: He gave Spencer a board game that Mona was "obsessed" with, and upon further investigation, Spencer discovered a hand-written map superimposed on the board.

When night set, Spencer pulled out the guide and followed it to the star: A room where she found Ali singing. Her dead friend suggested they slowdance. Spencer asked if Toby was the one who gave Ali the bloody lip that night so long ago. "Girls fight much uglier than boys," she replied. Ali pointed her to a smaller alcove where Spence found one of those springy horses, with a removable head. Stuffed inside was a nurse's hat, a Radley ID for Mona and a visitor's pass for CeCe Drake. It was then that Wren stumbled upon Spencer. He told her that CeCe's visitor's pass nearly got him fired and that Melissa had been the one to tell CeCe that Mona was committed.

Em's mom came home that night with some disturbing news: Another body had been found in the woods. A body that matched Spencer's description (and was found near her missing purse). It would take some time for the body to be identified, but the closing scene revealed a torso tattoo on the corpse, and we all know what that means...

While Spencer continued to unravel the mysteries of the Rosewood universe, Hanna and Aria were dealing with their own dramas. Proof was mounting that Caleb's dad was swindling money from the church. In fact, Pastor Ted fired him over a missing church bell. It was then that Hanna finally revealed the dicey-money-in-the-offering-box situation to her BF. Caleb railed against his dad, but it turned out to be all for naught: A text from A revealed that he/she had set him up to take the fall!

Malcolm was once again entrusted to Aria's care, and once again, he was put in danger. This time, A essentially kidnapped the tyke from his karate class, leaving a carnival flyer behind in his cubby as a clue. Aria found him in an empty circus tent waiting for the start of the next puppet show. He told her that her friend Alison had picked him up. Realizing Malcolm would always be in danger as long as she was around, Aria tried to break things off with Ezra, but we're not sure it will stick.

And the identity of said kidnapper, well, all signs pointed to Spencer. In a quiet moment in her room, Spence relived an earlier conversation with Mona, one in which she agreed to be on her side. "You don't have to ask me again, Mona," she said. "I'm in." Hence the black hoodie and carnival tickets hiding in her pillow case! Oh, Spencer, what have you done?

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