'Teen Wolf' Actor Dylan O'Brien Will Flash Back On 'New Girl'

If you hear any vague, weirdo tabloid reports today about Zooey Deschanel having maybe once slept with a werewolf, don't be surprised: They probably started right about here, with the TV Guide exclusive news that Dylan O'Brien, of MTV's "Teen Wolf," has been slated for an upcoming guest appearance on "New Girl." (Typically, the gossip mongerers will have gotten it all wrong; Dylan doesn't even play a wolfman on our show! Pffft. Rumors.)

Dylan will play opposite Zooey in a flashback episode, which will go back in time to revisit the moment at which each member of the "New Girl" cohort gave up their V-cards.

According to the TV Guide report, his character is a sweet, suave, musically-talented 18-year-old who promises Jess a truly memorable deflowering to take place on the night of their senior prom...which, as we all know from personal prom experience, is a near-guaranteed recipe for disappointment. But hey, we'll wait to see how things play out before we call him a big fat liar. The episode will air sometime in late April.

Are you jazzed to see Dylan make a "New Girl" cameo?