'Tiger Eyes' Movie Sets Its Sights On Release Date

Willa HollandToday in unexpected book-to-movie news that'll give you a hardcore insta-flashback to your early education in YA lit: The big-screen adaptation of Judy Blume's "Tiger Eyes" finally has a release date! (Did you just get knocked down by a full-body wave of nostalgia? Don't lie; we know you did.)

Entertainment Weekly has the exclusive scoop that the film will be out in theaters and on demand June 7—which means that you have just about three months to revisit and reread every Judy Blume book ever written in anticipation of the big day.

It's hard to imagine that there's anyone out there who hasn't read this one, but just in case: "Tiger Eyes"centers on a girl named Davey, whose mother uproots their family and moves cross-country to stay in New Mexico after her father is killed. Davey's journey of self-discovery is a powerful coming-of-age story, and it's the first of Judy's works to be made into a feature film. Willa Holland plays the lead role—and if you're wondering whether she (or the movie) is any good, there's an interesting takeaway from the EW article: Judy Blume, the mother of all things YA fiction herself, says that she's been reduced to a weepy mess every time she's seen it. So, that's encouraging! Now if they'll just get around to making a film out of "Forever," our lives will be complete.

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